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AGBU: The Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges

Audience: New Board Members (age 55 +, volunteers, educators)


AGB Goals shaping  

a high quality, easily accessible online orientation product that improves how board members guide higher education institutions.

  • define and clarify governing board accountability;

  • strengthen partnerships between presidents and governing boards;

  • provide guidance to trustees, board leaders, and campus leaders in their governance-related roles;

  • monitor issues that affect higher education and governance and provide guidance for boards and campus leaders; and foster cooperation among all education stakeholders.


Objectives for Design Team

Online program for Orientation to New Board Members that reviews the broad landscape in higher education and fundamentals of effective governance. There will be three (3) tracks:

  1. Public institutions

  2. Private institutions

  3. Higher educational institutional foundations

Learning Management System and Enrollment Process:

  • Administrative account creation and enrollment in course offerings

  • Ability to allow users to create own account (with license)

  • Varying administrative roles including mentoring and external reviewer

  • Self-service and manual user password retrieval and change

Storyboards & Planning

To plan for our design mockups, I drew a storyboard of what we aspects of our process we want to include. Our main goal was to focus on each course module that should include a 5-minute or shorter overview video or animation, interactive presentations of the concepts through text, animations, audio narration and video clips. 

Interactive examples and exercises intended to capture and reinforce learning. This feature should be able to be turned on or off depending on institutional preference. 


About Us page



These wireframes indicate the process of user interface design so that my design team can understand the user flow easily. 

Looking Ahead

FireShot Capture 034 - AGB I Association
FireShot Capture 042 - User Account - AG

We're currently working on updating our online course and Learning Management System and Enrollment Process.

We also had a lot of ideas come out of the ideation stage that we couldn’t prioritize due to the amount of effort and less value it brought in comparison.


Once fall semester ends we’ll have a better understanding of what metrics we should focus on more and what to iterate on.

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